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The Harlow Town Park Users Group (HTPUG) has for many years operated as consultative forum run by Harlow Council for local people to air their views to officers and councillors about the running and development of the Town Park.

At the end of 2009 the Council decided they would no longer provide direct officer administrative support in running the group. Some members have decided they would like to continue meeting with essentially the same aims and objectives but on an independent basis. The group will serve as an independent "Friends of (the park) Group". Note that the group is not connected to HOOP (Hands Off Our Park)


It is anticipated that full meetings of the group will take place every few months or when required. Meetings will probably be held on a weekday afternoon, but there may be evening meeting as well. For the time-being Harlow Council are making the Pets Corner Education Room available for group meetings.

(Potted) History

An earlier incarnation of the group was formed in the mid 1990's to support a funding bid which unfortunately was unsuccessful. After that the group lapsed for a number of years.

The group was revived in 1999 at the instigation of Robin Bletsoe at the time of the proposals to build the new sports centre on the showground. The group strongly opposed this development proposal. Terms of Reference were set by the then Mark Hall and Netteswell Area Committee of the Council. Meetings were held at the Leah Manning Centre in Park Lane

In 2005 a constitution was written and bank account set up so that that the group could apply for funding for small projects from sources which the council itself was not eligible for. The restoration of the "pisces" sculpture in the park water gardens was a possible project. In the end the Council found some money itself. The frequency of meetings tailed off.

The Council started consulting on a masterplan for the park in 2007 and a subsequent bid to the Heritage Lottery fund. This coincided with the contracting out of park maintenance operations to the Joint Venture company Kier Harlow. As a result the frequency of meetings rose, with meetings being held at mainly at the Harlow Museum, Muskham Road, Mark Hall North.

Group Constitution

The group's constitution needs to be revised in light of the changed status. See below a version of the constitution marked up with some suggested revisons. Note - further work is required. (Use the MSWord Revision toolbar to vary the view.)

To download — right-click and choose "Save Target As..." or similar.

Draft revised HTPUG Constitution - January 2010 (79kbyte)

TPUG Constitution - January 2005 (56kbyte - ~14sec with a 56kbit/s modem)

TPUG Constitution - January 2005 (66kbyte - ~16sec with a 56kbit/s modem)

Terms of Reference - March 1999 (7kbyte)

The above documents in PDF should be Acrobat 5.x (PDF v1.4) compatible or lower. You can access the download area of the Adobe® web site to download the latest version of the free Acrobat® Reader® software by clicking here Get Acrobat Reader .

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